Testimonials from Type 1 DIabetics

Chad O., California


Sometimes the unexpected can change our lives in ways we never imagined. It can feel like your world is falling apart.  Like you’ll never be the same. This happened to me about 3 years ago when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I knew very little about the disease and the challenges I would face. Life became difficult, anxious and overwhelming. As I started to understand what I was dealing with I realized how little I knew, how lost I was and how much work it would take to turn things around. But I had no idea where or how to start. So I began to look for help. That’s when I met Eric.  
From nutrition advise to extremely personal experiences, Eric immediately opened up to me and made me feel comfortable. Not only with him, but with myself. It was comforting to talk to someone who understood me and what I was going through, in a way that very few other people could. Someone who could offer the perspective that I needed. Someone who, through their own personal experiences, could help guide me from one of the darkest places I’ve ever been, back to the light, and beyond! Eric’s openness, compassion and desire to help others will be one of the first things you notice.  I can promise you that! Thank you Eric, for helping me take this chronic illness and turn it into my super power!

Jaime and Jett, California

Diabetic Parents

What a treat it was for us to meet Eric! He went from a Type 1 role model on social media to an amazing friend when he drove down to support my son at a JDRF event. 

He’s so positive about Type One but understands the struggles because he lives them everyday. He shows by example how not to let Type One slow you down and still go after what you want in life. 

Anyone lucky enough to talk with and know Eric will be better because of it. 

Brett W., New York


I met Eric virtually, on Instagram, and he was quick to offer skilled advice having never met me in person. Eric clearly showed his dedication, compassion, and desire to offer help regardless of distance, as I am in New York and he is in Texas. Eric was able to give me real life examples to help address problems I was experiencing while trying to increase my exercise intensity. His experiences and sound advice have helped me make small changes to my workouts that have allowed me to make gains in reaching my exercise goals. Eric continues to develop the relationships he creates by offering ongoing support, encouragement, and maintaining contact with his clients. Eric is a quality and passionate asset to the diabetes community 

Kim M., Texas

Mud Run Pageant winner diabetic

We met Eric Dutcher by chance just 1 month after my 17-year-old daughter was diagnosed with T1D. He listened intently to us and met my daughter exactly where she was, in the middle of grappling with the roller coaster of emotions of the changes in her new life. She wanted to push herself to keep achieving athletically as she did prior to diagnosis, but was afraid of the limitations of her disease. Working with Eric helped her feel confident and empowered once again! 

Eric welcomed my daughter into a family that we never wanted to be part of and ran side by side with her in a challenging 4.2 mi, 25 obstacle mud race she wasn’t sure she was capable of completing. He counseled her on new ideas for rescuing in different circumstances, how to deal with extreme BG levels without getting discouraged, products in the market that have impacted his life and best practices he has learned to live his best life even with T1D. He helped her prove to herself that T1D was just a new test in her amazing journey of life! We are both so appreciative of Eric’s guidance, coaching and support and would encourage every T1D to reach out—working with Eric was an extraordinary experience that I am grateful for everyday!