Diabetic Coaching


Having the right support team is paramount for diabetics. Most resources are medical or technologically focused. Diabetic coaching explores family relationships, questions of faith, mental perspectives, life navigation, goal-setting, and exercise. Parents, loved ones and diabetics gain a trusted journeyman for their walk.



Work through your personal story in a private and confidential manner. Authentic freedom requires us to face our pain, rather than flee from it. As your advocate, we will lead you towards those wounded places to find healing, restoration, and Hope.  

Marriage & Pre-Marital


Few relationships provide a window to the heart like marriage. Marital coaching is not about fixing a partner or assigning blame. Rather, it is a platform to explore the ways our hearts are, and are not, fully accessible to one another. Whether you are married or engaged, marital counsel offers each individual a perspective of their heart, providing the opportunity to move towards a more sacrificial love for one other.



Inevitably, in the pursuit of love and acceptance we are more inclined to hide ourselves from those whom we long to be loved by.    

What if we approached our relationships with a radical new concept of revealing ourselves rather than hiding them? How much more could we discover connection if we could be known and in the knowing, deeply loved? 



For families experiencing divorce, the emotional and economic toll, as well as the myriad of daily life transactions to be navigated have far-reaching implications, not only for spouses, but for children and extended family members alike. Whether you are considering divorce, in the process of divorce, or post-divorce, we are here to help you find equilibrium during this painful time of life.

Blended Families


Whether your family expands through through marriage, birth, adoption, or fostering, the stress placed on the dynamics of your family system will demand change. Families uniting children from different households especially, experience the unique challenges of navigating the needs of multiple parties. We are here to help you surmount obstacles and deepen your relationships.



The parenting pendulum; what other relationship can make you swell with pride one moment and feel like a complete failure the next! From toddlers to teenagers, each development stage is filled with wonders to embrace and "wow" moments that make us want to run screaming. The art of parenting lies in seeing the world through the eyes of our children, while recognizing the brokenness our children reveal in us!



Whether you are co-parenting with an ex or a step-parent, each adult brings their own values, perspectives, and experiences to the parenting arena. Our desire is to keep your children out of the tug-o-war by working with parents, individually and jointly, to enhance communication, navigate difficult conversations, and enable consistency between, and within, households so your child may flourish.

Parent Alienation


Parent alienation is the manipulation of one parent to turn the child against the other, accomplishing this estrangement by painting a negative picture of the other parent via deprecating comments, blame and false accusations shared with the children. If you have found yourself in this heart-breaking reality, we are here to walk with you through the pain and loss, to help you make sense of the unfathomable, and to help you stand upright against the onslaught of negative emotions and false accusations.



From which ever stage of life you are transitioning from: be it relocation,  career displacement, vocational changes, retirement, stay-at-home mom to workplace (or vice versa), or from full house to empty-nest, we can help you find that delicate balance between letting go of what was, and embracing what is. 

After the Diagnosis


Many are touched by a life-changing declaration that begins in a stark room or hospital bed. The world you or a loved one once knew has been irrevocably altered by a diagnosis with a chronic condition. Amidst the loss, confusion and uncertainty, coaching can help you find a new path forward. 

Sex & Intimacy


For a host of reasons, all of them valid, too many marriages wrestle with unfulfilling and infrequent sex. While that may be a common situation across marriages, it was never intended for it to be natural. We have a passionate, expressive and consuming God who created us to be the same. He desires not for us to separate those traits from our sexuality, but to embrace them.

Diabetic Coaching


Successful diabetes management takes a multi-disciplinary team focused on long-term and immediate care to achieve dynamic results. Endocrinologists and Certified Diabetes Educators emphasize medication management, examine the implications of co-occurring medical conditions, and providing education on treatment and nutrition. Appointments with these key partners are often three months apart. 

Diabetes coaching comes alongside your medical team to become a third partner, providing day-to-day, life-balancing insight, encouragement and support, in real time. By stepping into your unique life path we can help you gain a wisdom that propels you forward and sets new horizons. 

Whether we meet over the phone, at a coffee shop or go dynamic in a park the purpose is to join you in your journey. Diabetes is not the obstacle, it is just part of the equation you are solving.

Warrior Carry - Partnered Athleticism

Whether you are an adult or have a child participating in events, we come alongside diabetics who want to dance, dunk or dash. In game or in the stands, we can help provide the confidence needed to compete. We reduce the fear and anxiety on game-day by providing real-time feedback on meal planning, insulin dosages, and targeted blood glucose levels.   

Mud Mile - Diabetes Burnout

Diabetes burnout. This is a life-long journey. Both parents and children can experience low-mood, severe frustration, or outright rebellion. We sit with you during these dark times, provide visibility to the path forward, and insight into overcoming present obstacles. 

Elite Wave - Blood Sugar Optimization

Blood Sugar Optimization is not just about basal rates and carb ratios. We help guide your path to better A1C results and time in range, through practical tips, lifestyle changes, and technological advances. 

Teammates - Relationship Dynamics

Relationships are deeply complicated and difficult to navigate without diabetes. Diabetes can impact successful communication, intimacy and sex, daily activities, and job performance. We help diabetics and family members navigate these complexities to live more fully present lives. 

Find Your Race - Goal Setting

Collaborative goal setting helps lead to greater success. We help you design and define your long-term goals through personal exploration. Breaking the goals into achievable steps our ongoing coaching helps you climb the ladder to your desired future. Whether it is your first 5k or career change, we walk with you in the journey.