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 Many of the struggles encountered in life are situational and development, rather than pathological. We provide a life-line; a safe space to individuals, families, and couples to voice their hurts and clarify their path forward.


Our Focus

Life is full of transitions. 

From birth, marriage, divorce, blending families, childhood milestones, career, retirement, bereavement, diagnosis, and everything in between.

Each season holds both loss and anticipation. Whether anticipated or unexpected, celebrated or bereaved, the uncertainly which accompanies transitional phases of life can be overwhelming. At D|U|T|C|H|E|R we are here to help you find balance as you discover your new normal. 


Our Commitment

As come-along-siders, we are here to walk each step with you into the painful places of your story's past and present. Our goal is to help you grow from your struggles and heal from your pain, that you may rediscover and reclaim Life.


Welcome to the Wounded Rooster. A place where we wrestling with everyday questions about what it means to be a spouse, a parent, a friend, and member of a community 


Life Direction & Coaching


  In its simplest form, life direction and life coaching is a manner in which another individual listens and speaks into one’s life during times of confusion, pain, and uncertainty. Counsel is typically offered within two camps; through mental health professionals, such as psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed professional counselors, and social workers and through helping professionals such as life coaches, pastors, and spiritual directors. At D|U|T|C|H|E|R, we are helping professionals, called to enter deep places, love well, speak life, and destroy shame. We move in and towards wounded hearts that long for Freedom, Rest, and for vivid, authentic Life.


Heather Williams Dutcher


Spiritual Director & Life Coach

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Eric Dutcher


  Diabetes & Life Coach 

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