Life Coaching

As a Life Coaches, we view ourselves as fellow journeyman, who have been invited to travel alongside you to facilitate life’s navigation. This trusted relationship provides both a source of safety and strength which enables and encourages you, as you press forward into the courageous heart-work of the journey ahead. 


Spiritual Direction

 Spiritual Direction is more about asking questions than pinpointing answers; what is God doing in my life, throughout my particular circumstances, and more importantly, what am I doing with Him? It keeps us coming before God, in the company of another, who helps us discern where God dwells in our circumstances, rather than attempting to fix them; which may or may not be His intent. Spiritual Direction can be used as stand alone or in tandem with Life Coaching. 



 Spiritual Direction and Life Coaching is a form of counseling but it is not psychotherapy; we do not assess, diagnose or treat mental disorders as identified by the American Psychiatric Association.  If you are wrestling with depression, severe anxiety, bipolar, other severe psychological disorders, or would prefer to see a licensed professional mental health provider, we can provide you with referrals.